Fastbase Analyzes Interactions from 10 Billion Web Visitors Each Month

And Delivers Millions of Quality Leads to Over 950,000 Companies and Top Brands Every Day

Percentage figures represents geographical distribution of the total customer base

Web Traffic

Fastbase analyzes billions of web visitor searches and interactions every month. More than 950,000 business websites in 138 countries are using Fastbase to obtain useful information about its website's visitors.


of Fortune 500 are using
Fastbase analytics

10 billion

Web Visitors are monitored, compiled and
analyzed every month by Fastbase


of Top 1000 Global Brands are
using Fastbase

Fastbase database

Fastbase owns some of the world's largest and fastest-growing global business database, which includes 120 million companies, 350 million websites, and 500 million business contacts and 1 billion emails.