Invest in one of the Fastest-Growing Data and Web Analytics SaaS Companies in the World

Fastbase: Data & Web Analytics Leader

Combining our proprietary business database with web traffic data from almost 1 million websites, Fastbase is revealing website visitor information to leading companies and blue-chip brands globally.

Fastbase is analyzing a constantly growing number of 6 billion website visitors each month, revealing the search keywords/phrases used and a list of businesses that are visiting the website each month.

Fastbase is transforming traditional web analytics data into actionable knowledge and identification of web traffic.

“Google search let you search for anything on the web. Fastbase identify the companies behind the search and reveal companies web traffic."

Infinite Business Opportunities

Fastbase has one of the largest business databases in the world analyzing web analytics from Big Data. Since launching in June 2016, over 1 million businesses have signed up for the service ranging from Fortune 500 companies to blue-chip brands from over 138 countries. Fastbase unlocks infinite business opportunities with its plethora of analytics options.

Fastbase’s Initial Market Proposal

Fastbase Inc. is a SaaS data and web analytics company that congregates company data and contact information throughout the web using its proprietary algorithm. By monitoring and compiling web-traffic and search patterns, users can view in-depth information about their website traffic in almost real-time. The daily number of website sign-ups has surged making Fastbase one of the fastest-growing data and web analytics software companies in the business-to-business industry.

Launched in 2016, Fastbase’s WebLeads tool is a free Google Analytics add-on that provides information on web traffic, including key employee contact information. Users can try the software for free at

Launched in October 2018, Fastbase’s new InMarket Leads tool not only discloses information on over 130 million companies that are searching on Google every day but also lists the companies that are visiting a business’s or customer’s website. Google Analytics users can start using the tool at

A Unique Investment Opportunity

As a private placement investor, you’ll be part of a growing company that is continuously developing and optimizing tools for the web analytics SaaS industry. Fastbase is pioneering the development of important web analytics, at a time when the B2B industry is overtaking the volume of the B2C online market.

With the growth of ecommerce and online marketing, it’s evident that companies, institutions and organizations need to clearly identify their website visitors to improve lead generation and overall digital marketing efforts to ensure business prosperity.

Private placement

This is a great time for investors to become shareholders of a successful and growing business that has immense market potential. Take advantage of this opportunity to become part of a company experiencing exponential growth.

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